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Bras and Speciality Bras

Resolutions2 has the largest inventory of mastectomy prostheses and bras in a 200-mile radius. Our focus is mastectomy and bras, unlike durable medical equipment companies and pharmacies that have many other concerns. Our overall mission to find the right products for each lady. Our comfortable and stylish tank tops and t-shirts with a built-in bra fit sizes 8 to 20 with cups up to DD.

Special breast forms allow a woman to look her normal cup size throughout reconstruction. New Theraport radiation garments are specially designed to wear immediately following any type of breast surgery, or while undergoing radiation treatments.

When reconstruction is over, our trained professionals offer the finishing touch to your breast surgery with 3-dimensional coloring of the areola and nipple. This is the final detail in helping things return to normal.

Our offerings include bras for all women. We have bras to fit 32-56 band and cup size up to M. You cannot believe what a pleasure it is to have a comfortable bra that properly fits.

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Today, many women are going through reconstructive surgery and there are various items available to them that can help them look great and feel comfortable during this process. These items include special postsurgical bras infused with vitamin E and aloe, providing natural benefits that help the healing process.
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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup is a luxury, but for some, a necessity. Waking up in the morning and having your eyeliner on and your brows looking great makes life a little easier. Resolutions2 has you covered when it comes to Permanent Makeup.

Our eldest client was 82 years young. She was so excited to have beautiful brows 24/7, never having to wake up and draw them on again!

Some women just have a hard time with their vision and cannot draw very well. Other women are just sick of their eyeliner smudging. Whatever your reason, it's wonderful to have Permanent Makeup.

Winter Special on Permanent Makeup (Ends March 31st, 2017):
$350 each service (regular price $400-$500).

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Hair Replacement

If a woman is taking chemotherapy treatments, she will more than likely need a full wig. Resolutions2 has in stock a large selection of about 500 pieces, so you can go home with your new hair without a special order. Some women do not want to wear a wig, so we also have an attractive selection of headwear to meet any woman's style.

Every woman has her personal idea about how her hair should look. Our goal is to evaluate how much hair loss she has and make a recommendation to her so she can have her desired outcome.