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Breast Prosthesis FAQ

1. Do you have a wide variety of bras and breast prosthesis?

Yes, we carry many styles for shallow cups, average cups, and full cups, for women of all shapes and sizes. From plain to lace, we will have a style that you will like.

2. When I come in for a breast fitting, can I leave with the products that same day?

Absolutely. We carry many styles of breast forms and bras so that we may customize a fit for you. If you require something special that we do not have in stock, we can order it for you.

3. Do you do custom breast forms? How does the process work?

Yes, there are two companies we work with that makes breast forms, and we choose the best company for you, depending on your needs. We can only determine that when you come in for your free consultation.
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4. How closely will the custom breast form resemble my own breast?

Exactly! You can have a custom form made just for you that will look just like your existing breast; even the nipple will match in color, shape, and size. The back of the form will fit against your chest wall exactly, like a puzzle piece.

5. Will you fit women that have trouble finding bras on the market that will fit and be comfortable?

Yes, we fit women who have difficulties finding bras that fit them! We are available by appointment, so that we can make a special time just for you.

6. I have not had breast surgery but my breasts are uneven. What can I do?

We help many females, both adult and teen, with this problem. This condition is called Hypuplasia congenital underdeveloped breast. We can give you just a little bit of extra padding, a small breast form that would make you look and feel great. You could possibly get a letter of medical necessity from your doctor and get a prior approval from your insurance. They may pay for the products you need.

7. Do you sell the more uncommon bra sizes? Can you fit large cup sizes like D, DD, DDD, G, or H? Can you fit a small cup sizes with a large band?

Yes, we offer all the sizes that are not sold as often by normal retailers, and are therefore not carried by normal retailers. We have large bras that go all the way up to size M, and we also have unusual bra sizes, such as 42A. We can find the right fit for you.

8. Does your boutique have a private fitting room for your clients?

Yes! We provide a comfortable atmosphere for all of our clients! We have a breast fitting room and a wig room for our clients. We want you to feel completely welcome!

9. Do you accept insurance? What will my insurance pay for?

We do accept most insurance coverage. That being said, all insurance policies are different. You can call the 1-800 number on the back of the card to find out the personal coverage of your insurance.

10. What happens if my breast prosthesis gets damaged?

There is a two-year warranty, and the warranty card is included in your paperwork. We can assist you as well.

11. How soon after surgery can I get breast prosthesis and bras?

Each client is different. Some women want to do it quickly, as early as two weeks after. When you feel ready, you can call for an appointment, even if you just want to find answers to your questions.

12. Do you carry swim wear that can fit the breast prosthesis?

Yes, we carry a wide variety of swim wear.

Hair Prosthesis FAQ

1.Am I a candidate for more hair?

Everyone can be a candidate for more hair. If you feel like you need a little, or a lot, of something extra, we can help.

2.Is it possible for me to grow my own hair back, naturally?

There are two ways at this time. First, we carry a line of products in our boutique that has been proven to help alopecia in many cases. Nioxin is a line of hair care products that has a very specific system for each type of alopecia. If you think that a hairpiece or a wig is not quite right for you, then we would love to give you more information on nioxin. The second way is through Hair Rejuvenator. All the information is at the website.

In 2011 or 2012, there will be a medical procedure that will regrow your hair from stem cells. This was announced on the Today Show on January, 2008.

3. Does insurance cover wigs and hairpieces?

Most insurance companies do NOT cover the cost of the wigs or hairpieces. Please call the 1-800 number on the back of your card for your personal policy coverage.

4. Do you have a wide variety of wigs and hairpieces in your boutique?

We carry many styles and colors, and can always order in more for you. We would love to have a wig party to find just the right style and color for you. This is an experience that you will not dread, but instead enjoy!

5. Can you customize hairpieces and wigs?

Absolutely we can customize hairpieces and wigs!

6. Do you provide maintenance services on my hairpieces and wigs?

Yes, we offer services of washing, styling, and general maintenance for your hairpieces and wigs. We also take time to make sure that you will know how to do it from your own home. At that point, you can choose if you would like to care for your hair without leaving your home, or if you'd like us to do it for you.

7. Do you offer custom hair prosthesis?

Absolutely! Bring your favorite magazine or pictures of your hairstyle of choice in and let us have a look. You can have a custom piece made just for you that will allow you to have the color, density and length of your choice.

8. Do you sell head wear?

Yes, we have hats, turbans, scarves, and even hat hair!

Miscellaneous FAQ

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1. What are all the services that Resolutions2 can provide?

  • Hair replacement center
  • Mastectomy Boutique
  • Full line of headwear

2. Can I find a Resolutions2 store in my area?

While there are several similar boutiques to us in areas all over the nation, there is only one Resolutions2. Our unique boutique was designed by Shari Messinger, owner, who has suffered from alopecia for many years. Instead of developing her business into a chain of mediocre quality stores, she decided to spend all of her efforts on the one Resolutions2, and have the highest standard of quality for each client.