Women helping women

To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to write and tell you my story about my visit to Resolutions2.

I am a three time breast cancer survivor. I had a lumpectomy, then the cancer came back so I had a mastectomy, then I had cancer in the other breast, and had another mastectomy. I had all of my surgeries at St. Mary's Hospital in Huntington, WV. My first surgery was in 1986, then 1995. Eventually my job relocated me to Columbus, OH, but I still came to Huntington for check ups, and the last reconstructive surgery in 1999.

Not happy with the outcome, I had come to accept that I wouldn't look the same way again. Now that my breasts were uneven, finding bras to fit was impossible. I found myself constantly wearing dark, loose fitting clothing, and at the same time my self esteem only plummeted anytime I tried to buy new clothes.

Once again my job transferred to Jacksonville, FL, and my life changed. A girlfriend from Huntington told me about Resolutions2. She told me about these special bras and prosthesis they have and also mentioned perhaps my insurance would help pay. I kept thinking about what she said, so I came for a visit. Now I know Jacksonville would have places like this, but since my hometown is Huntington, I figured I would feel more comfortable there.

I came to Resolutions2 in June and explained my situation. I was so impressed with the outside of the building, and inside was a nice area too. When I went inside it was beautiful, clean, and well decorated. It felt good to be there. Next they took me in a dressing room, and showed me what the bras looked like, and were actually pretty; there was more than just white to pick from. She put a bra on me, and put in the prosthesis; I was just shocked and amazed how it all came together. The bra felt great, and I looked normal in it. Once I put my shirt on, tears of joy fell on my cheeks.

I can't begin to explain how emotional this moment in my life was, and the girls were so compassionate and caring. I wish I knew of a place like this when I was going through my time of need. I left with three beautiful bras and two prostheses the same day; I thought for sure I was going to have to order and wait awhile. The best part, my insurance helped pay!! I felt like a new woman when I left Resolutions2!! I just feel so much better about myself, especially once I went shopping and found clothes to fit for the first time in ages.

So please recommend to all your breast cancer patients that they go to Resolutions2. The girls there will certainly help you regain your self confidence of being a woman!! I was only 32 yrs. Old when my cancer started. I'm 53 now, and life is good again!!!!

Deborah L. W.

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